Children’s Health & Wellbeing


At Briarhill Family Practice we champion the health and wellbeing of children and pride ourselves on providing a child-friendly healthcare service for all children living in Galway.

For many children, a visit to their GP may occur just now and again. Children with specific health conditions such as asthma may visit us on a more regular basis; while children living with a chronic illness such as diabetes may have a more significant relationship with us as we become an important part of their lives.

Regardless of how often your child may visit our service, we will do our very best to ensure this is a positive experience, where you and your child feel respected, listened to and supported in our care. We provide child-friendly healthcare with a smile, an understanding and listening ear, and the very best in evidence-based care.

We also ensure the healthcare we provide for your child is age appropriate. For example, the needs of babies vary greatly to the needs of toddlers, and the needs of older children also differ significantly from the healthcare needs and experiences of teenagers. With this mind, we have developed a specific programme of care for adolescents and young people; for guys click here and for girls click here.

Throughout this section you will find useful links to inform and guide you through some common health problems we see children come in with regularly. We are big fans of HSE's Under The and NHS Choices Children’s Health. These websites are an excellent source of evidence-based health information and healthcare advice for parents.

Learn more about common children's health issues and how we can work together to manage your children's health by clicking on the links below.