Dr John Morris

GP and Founder

The Story so far…

I hope to continue the work I have been doing in Galway as a GP over the past 9 years, listening to, caring for, diagnosing and treating patients in an empathetic and compassionate way. I will work with my partners, our nursing, administrative and allied health staff to ensure the delivery of the highest quality medical care both in prevention and treatment of disease. I look at illness in the biological, psychological and social context in which it exists and I am passionate about equality in medical care.

Work has taken me to some of the most interesting and challenging places on Earth. I have worked with overseas aid agencies MSF, CRUDEM and Haven in places like Haiti and Chad. I spent time with VSA in the Philippines. I worked on 2 occasions with WHO in Geneva, with the Outbreak Response Team in 2001 as an intern and with the Meningitis team in 2008.

Life outside of general practice…

My wife and my beautiful daughter are the centre of my life. They bring me joy and happiness every day. I love sports and have played many over the years. I golf when I can. I find it an oasis of calm in a busy life. I have run marathons, competed in triathlons, played GAA and soccer over the years. I have a keen interest in politics and am a Past President of the Irish Medical Organisation (2009). I like to read biographies, novels and a little philosophy. I listen to music and play a little.

Registration Number

Specialist Registration with the Irish Medical Council (MCRN) 181593


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery and Obstertircs (MB BCh BAO), NUI Galway 2003
  • Cochrane Research Fellowship Holder 2012-14
  • Master’s in Public Health (MPH), University College Dublin 2014


  • Irish Medical Organisation – Past President 2009-10
  • European Junior Doctors – Chairman of the EU/EEA Subcommittee 2009-11
  • Cochrane Collaboration – author (current)
  • Member of the Irish College of General Practitioners (MICGP)
  • Member of the International Society of Travel Medicine


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Medical doctor, medical and allied medical team leader, program development, program monitoring, staff training and development, recruitment, research and audit.

Areas of Special Interest

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Management

My master’s thesis was based around heart disease and stroke risk factors in the general Irish population. I am very keen to establish prevention programs that tackle these risk factors through a combination of lifestyle changes and medical advances. I am also conducting international research on non-drug treatments for the management of high blood pressure.

Mental Health

I take a very practical approach to mental health and by working with the patient, together we can determine the right path to their best mental health. Most importantly, I listen to my patients and it is often through this that we find the solutions.


With my experience with aid agencies, my Masters degree in Public Health, my work with WHO and my experience as a GP over the past number of years, I try to stay right up to date with all of the latest vaccination research and policies.

Travel Medicine

I have been working in the Tropical Medical Bureau for the past 2 years and am a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine.


T: @DrJSMorris

L: linkedin.com/in/drjsmorris