Medical Certification / Sick Notes / Reports


Sick Notes

If you need a sick note for work you must attend the surgery in person and be seen by a Doctor who can confirm and certify your note.


Hospital Stay

If you have been an inpatient in Hospital, we will need a letter from the hospital confirming your stay before we can certify your form.


Social Welfare Certificate

If you have been absent from work for more than seven days, you may need a continuance sick note such as a Social Welfare Certificate. We will need your PPS number and the dates of your sick leave. Please contact reception 24 hours before your social welfare certificate is due. Unfortunately, the certificate cannot be emailed/posted so you will need to collect the certificate from reception in person.


Letters and Reports

Letters and reports requested by patients may incur a charge depending on the complexity of the condition. Reports requested and paid directly by insurance companies and/or solicitors, are dealt with as promptly as possible