Occupational Health


Our occupational health service provides for the needs of both the employee and their employer through a range of comprehensive services.

Pre-employment Health Screening

We tailor our pre-employment health screening programme to the unique characteristics of your organisation and the people you employ. Different roles require different levels of medical fitness, and we are happy to discuss which screening processes would be most suited to each role. Our pre-employment health screen includes a:

  • Full medical consultation
  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests
  • Lung function tests
  • Cardiac risk assessments with ECG testing
  • Eye tests
  • Basic hearing assessments
  • Mental health assessments

Executive Health Screening

Employers are increasingly recognising the value of providing ongoing medical assessment for staff at all grades. Executive health screening is a convenient way of assessing your employee's overall health and wellbeing and can help identify early signs of disease. We provide our clients with prevention strategies for heart disease and stroke, diet and lifestyle advice. Screening can be targeted or generalised, and we work with you to determine which health assessments are best suited for your employees.


Ongoing Medical Support

We provide medical consultations for workplace related illness and injuries. Depending on the nature of the referral, you will be seen the same day or by the end of the next working day. Urgent referrals will be responded to appropriately.

We work with our clients throughout their journey with follow-up appointments and advice on appropriate care. Employers may also access a comprehensive range of rehabilitation and healthcare services through Strive Clinic. Together, we support your employees to improve their health, achieve their maximum potential and return to work.


Rehabilitation Services

We have partnered with Strive Clinic, a new outpatient clinic offering rehabilitation, health and life-improving services for people living with complex medical conditions. Co-located in Briarhill Shopping Centre, this partnership gives you access to a range of the rehabilitation and healthcare services such as:

  • Physiotherapy for injuries and back pain
  • Psychology and psychotherapy services
  • Counselling and stress management programmes
  • Occupational therapy
  • Cancer rehabilitation and survivorship programmes

Occupational Travel Health Services

Protect your employees from preventable disease and infection while they travel. We provide specific health and safety education for travellers and access to a range of comprehensive travel health services including:

  • Travel vaccinations
  • Malaria prevention advice and prescriptions
  • Up to date travel safety notifications
  • Food and water safety advice
  • Mosquito and insect bite prevention advice
  • Sun protection
  • Accident and injury prevention advice

Occupational Vaccination Services

Protect your employees from exposure to biological material or human waste by vaccinating against:

  • Hepatitis B - for potential exposure to bodily fluid and sharp injuries
  • Hepatitis A - for potential exposure to contaminated foods and bodily fluids, and overseas travel
  • Tetanus - for potential exposure to outdoor injuries, animal bites or contaminated cuts or grazes

Online Care & Support

Where appropriate, clients can access the specialist care they need through Strive Clinic's online video consultation service, Strive At Home. This service is particularly helpful for those living in a rural area or who have difficulty accessing transportation. Strive At Home gives you access the care you need from the comfort, security and privacy of your own home.


We Work With You

Our goal is to provide a convenient and comprehensive occupational service that benefits both you and your employees. We work with you to tailor our service to meet both your employee's specific health needs and your workplace requirements. More importantly, we help your employees remain in and return to work with health and confidence.